Backhausen - OEKO TEX® Cotton Fabric Mask (Bordeaux)

  • €7,95

Backhausen - OEKO TEX® Cotton Fabric Mask (Bordeaux)

Reusable fabric face protection mask. Made with OEKO TEX® cotton.

Size & Model: for adultswhite and burgundy

Made with OEKO TEX® cotton, ideal for sensitive skin. Product of Austria, manufactured sustainably in the European Union. This product is also fair trade.

Unlike masks with straps that fasten behind the ears, these masks have textile bands that tie behind the neck and head, which makes them more comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time.

These masks have two folding flaps that cover perfectly the nose and chin. They also come with a anticorrosive copper-zinc alloy skeleton to ensure complete protection and a stable hold even when talking or doing other activities.

How to take care of them:

The masks should be washed after each use. These masks can be washed by hand or in the washing machine at 60 degrees but cannot be put in the dryer ( this could damage the fabric ). They can be ironed at medium temperature.


Official health guidelines recommend the use of masks in addition to maintaining interpersonal distance.

These masks are not surgical masks, FFP1, or FFP2 and must be used in accordance with the guide provided by the World Health Organization.