At Cesqui’s Vegan Boxes we are all about bringing together our love for animals and our passion for living compassionately. That’s why we dedicate a lot of time searching for exciting vegan products that delights us and that we believe you’d enjoy. Once we’ve selected our favorites, we head back to our headquarters in Barcelona and prepare your boxes! Not only do we make it easy for you to try out new stuff, but we aim to make it super affordable. You will always find that the value of the boxes is superior to the cost you pay for them. This way, you can discover new brands without breaking the bank.

Hugs from Barcelona!

We collaborate with NGOs and every month, we donate 5% of our profits so that they can keep saving lives and caring for unwanted, neglected and abused animals.


I’m Maria, the founder of Cesqui’s Vegan Boxes. I love discovering & trying new vegan products, that’s why I started the company. The inspiration behind Cesqui’s Vegan Boxes was Cesqui, the rabbit. She was the reason why I decided to go vegan. And even though I no longer have her by my side, she continues to inspire me every day in my business. I truly hope you enjoy the boxes!