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We love discovering new products and getting to share them with you. That’s why we created these special & wonderfully unique boxes! ♥

Cesqui’s Vegan Boxes offers you every month a selection of amazing vegan products. Not only will you discover new brands, but we algo guarantee that the value of the goodies you receive will always be grater than the subscription cost. We invite you to try the boxes, we just know you will love them!

And best of all, you decide if you wish to subscribe or purchase only the boxes that interest you.

We collaborate with the Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary in Galicia, Spain. Every month, we donate 5% of our sales so that they can keep saving lives and caring for unwanted, neglected and abused farm animals.

Farm animals are victims of exploitation and they need our help. Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary is a place where dreams come true. They create a loving and nurturing environment for farm animals to live out their lives in freedom, free from pain, suffering and the burden of expectation. They make a difference by showing them love and compassion, something that so many animals never get the opportunity to experience.

Animals deserve our respect, love and kindness, and the staff at the sanctuary fight everyday to make this a reality. If you want to find out more about all the lovely work they do, head over to their site here.

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